Today (4/16/2011) is the
100th Anniversary of the Birth of
Christine McIntyre!!!

The Wonderful Christine McIntyre

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Christine (at left) as "Bea" in a detail from a publicity still for CRIME ON THEIR HANDS (1948). This was the comedy short where she enticed Shemp Howard over to the couch when she thought he was a cop and not a reporter. Then she watched as he popped mints into his mouth -- and swallowed a diamond.

This website is dedicated in affectionate appreciation of Christine McIntyre. She acted, she sang, she performed slapstick, she rode proudly in a western saddle...she did it all. I began this Internet project as a way to collect information; in my dismaying research on Christine I had discovered that her life details were rapidly vanishing with each passing day. As the website has grown, it has become a valuable storehouse of facts (click on the various links at the top of the page to see what I've collected so far -- and I constantly update). Donations of information and photos are always greatly appreciated and proper credit will be given. -- Bill Telfer

Christine (above) as "Princess Elaine" in 1954's KNUTZY KNIGHTS the remake of SQUAREHEADS OF THE ROUND TABLE (1948). This would be one of the last publicity shots that Christine would ever pose for on the Columbia lot. She retired from films shortly afterward.

Christine on the set with Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Shemp Howard and Hugh McCollum

Christine McIntyre on the set of THE HOT SCOTS (1948) with Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Shemp Howard, and their producer Hugh McCollum (seated).

Detail of publicity shot showing Christine in 1942's RIDERS OF THE WEST

What's that? You say you've never seen Christine in a Western? Well, click on my Filmography page link below and start watching one for free, right now, on your own computer:

(Detail from lobby card for 1942's RIDERS OF THE WEST
Courtesy of Les Adams)


Christine as she appeared in the 1944 comedy short IDLE ROOMERS

Christine in a publicity still from the 1946 comedy short THREE TROUBLEDOERS align=

Christine as "Nell" in THE THREE TROUBLEDOERS (1946)

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