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Christine McIntyre
One-Sheets, Lobby Cards, Etc...

Movie Theater Photo-Ads for Christine McIntyre Films:


Here are some movie posters, one-sheets, lobby cards (and other related items) that were used to advertise the films in which Christine appeared. I will always try to make every effort to give proper credit for each graphic used. So if you see something here that you think was provided by you, and you are not given credit, please let me know and I will do my best to fix the situation. If no credit is given, the graphic is, more than likely, part of my personal collection. And if you have something to contribute to this page, or to the site in general, please contact Bill Telfer taillefer@juno.com

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In her break-out Stooges role as "Alice Andrews/Van Doren," Christine demonstrates that her voice is "not broken" for (L to R) Larry Fine, Curly Howard, and Moe Howard in this publicity still for MICRO-PHONIES (1945). Her featured song in this short, Strauss' "Voice of Spring," was a favorite of Christine's, and she often sang it in concert. It was producer Hugh McCollum's witnessing such a performance (perhaps one of Christine's 16mm musical short subjects) that gave him the inspiration for this well-liked Stooges short:

Publicity still from 1945's MICRO-PHONIES

Here's a nice shot, a detail from a lobby card showing brunette Christine in one of her B Western features RIDERS OF THE WEST (1942). In the photo with her (from L to R) are Sarah Padden, Bud Osborne, and (roughing up Bud Osborne) the great Buck Jones:

Detail from a lobby card for 1942's

(Courtesy of Les Adams)

L to R are Larry Fine, Shemp and Moe Howard, Christine, and Herbert Evans (seated) in this publicity still from THE HOT SCOTS (1948):

Publicity still for 1948's THE HOT SCOTS

In this publicity still from 1946's THREE LITTLE PIRATES are, from L to R: Joe Palma, Curly Howard, and an unidentified pirate player about to be konked by Christine, as Rita Yolanda, on the far right:

A publicity still for 1946's THREE LITTLE PIRATES

Here are a couple of pressbook ad-cuts, supplied by writer Les Adams, for the 1951 western feature WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE where Christine played the female lead "Spangles Calhoun" opposite Whip Wilson...check out Christine totin' a mean rifle:

Christine and Whip Wilson in 2 pressbook ad-cuts for 1951's "Wanted: Dead or Alive"

A remake of 1948's SQUAREHEADS OF THE ROUND TABLE -- KNUTZY KNIGHTS (1954) is essentially the same film, but with new scenes added (calling for the matching of new scenes to those shot six years previous...but in these struggling days for its shorts department, Columbia would reach back even further into the vault to save on rising production costs). In this publicty photo with Christine are from L to R: Larry Fine, Moe Howard, Ruth Godfrey, and Shemp Howard. (Of interest: Ruth Godfrey -- who was more often credited as "Ruth White" -- would go on to be cast one day in MIDNIGHT COWBOY [1969] as "Sally Buck," Jon Voight's grandmother in flashback scenes.) This would be one of the final publicty sittings Christine would do for Columbia, as she would retire from films soon afterward:


(Courtesy of Monica Leeson)

A one-sheet for DOPEY DICKS (1950):

One-sheet for 1950's "Dopey Dicks"

(Courtesy of Monica Leeson)

Poster for HE'S IN AGAIN (1949) [note that, though Christine shared the screen in this short with frequent Stooge foils Vernon Dent and Emil Sitka, and the short was produced and directed by the Stooge executive team of Hugh McCollum and Del Lord, this is not one of her Stooges films, but a Gus Schilling and Dick Lane short.]:

Poster comedy short "He's in Again"

(Courtesy of Bruce Hershenson

Again, here's Christine (pre-Stooge & pre-blonde) on the far left of this publicty still from the Rough Riders' film RIDERS OF THE WEST (1942). [All the people in the photo have now (11/12/2000) been identified thanks to Les Adams...even the guy playing dead.] In the shot with her, from L-to-R, are Sarah Padden, Raymond Hatton (white coat), Harry Woods, Walter McGrail, Buck Jones (sitting on desk), and Bud Osborne. Kneeling on the floor is Dennis Moore looking down on a mortally supine Robert Frazer:

Publicity still from Rough Riders western "Riders of the West"

(Courtesy of Chuck Anderson http://www.surfnetinc.com/chuck/trio.htm)

In this Lobby Card for the 1942 Range Busters' adventure ROCK RIVER RENEGADES a dark-haired Christine (about 31 at this point) is menaced by a masked henchman, actor Frank Ellis:

Lobby Card from 1942 Range Buster adventure ROCK RIVER RENEGADES

(Courtesy of Pat LaRosa

Christine as "Princess Elaine" in another publicity shot for KNUTZY KNIGHTS (1954) featuring from L-to-R: Phil Van Zandt, Joe Palma, Moe Howard, unidentified player, Larry Fine, Vernon Dent (seated), unidentified player, Shemp Howard, Christine, and Jock Mahoney [billed as Jacques O'Mahoney in the original version SQUAREHEADS OF THE ROUND TABLE (see one-sheet below)] (Notice this print features an autograph by Mahoney). (If anyone can help me out with those "unidentified guys" please drop me a line -- I'm sure they must be "identified guys" to someone):

Christine and cast of 1948's "Squareheads of the Round Table"

(Courtesy of Burt Shaw http://members.ebay.com/aboutme/shawbeach)

A nice one-sheet for SQUAREHEADS OF THE ROUND TABLE (1948) (notice the autograph of director Ed Bernds at the bottom):

Christine with Larry, Moe, and Shemp in one-sheet for 1948's

(Courtesy of Burt Shaw http://members.ebay.com/aboutme/shawbeach)

Here's a bit of fun...do you have any idea from which film this publicity shot was taken? If you do, just click on the picture and visit ShempCompany.com -- and drop a line to Shemp Howard's granddaughters, Jill and Sandie. It's kind of a little game they've got going over there. Remember, Christine made several comedy shorts with Shemp, minus the other Stooges (while Curly was still with the trio). [Update 4/12/2001: I now know that I have the correct answer, because I am now the happy owner of a copy of this film...but I'm not going to let the cat out of the bag.]:


(Courtesy of...

Jill Howard

and Sandie Howard)

More One-Sheets, Lobby Cards, Etc...

Christine messes up Moe Howard but good in this publicity still for THREE PESTS IN A MESS (1945):

Christine and Moe Howard in publicity still for 1945's THREE PESTS IN A MESS

A one-sheet for the Bowery Boys' movie NEWS HOUNDS (1947). Please note that, although Christine is clearly billed as the female lead, the picture is NOT of her, but appears to be that of lesser known actress/dancer Nita Bieber who played "Mame" in the same film...pictured here with Leo Gorcey and Huntz Hall. (Ms. Bieber appeared once with the Three Stooges, by the way, as one of the dancing sisters in 1946's RHYTHYM AND WEEP). I have nothing at all against Ms. Bieber, but curse the publicity department! Ah, well, the one-sheet, courtesy of Pat LaRosa, looks great:

One sheet for 1946's NEWS HOUNDS

(Courtesy of Pat LaRosa

Nita Bieber on cover of Life Magazine, Nov. 28th, 1949 (compare to one-sheet above):

Nita Bieber on cover of Life

(Courtesy of Kari Cook)

A publicity still with Christine as the rejuvinated Mrs. Flint in ALL GUMMED UP (1947). Pictured with her are Moe Howard, Shemp Howard, and Larry Fine as the three wacky druggists who come to Mrs. Flint's aid:

Publicity still from

(Courtesy of Monica Leeson)

Another shot from ALL GUMMED UP, with Christine serving her saviors a cake, decorated with the title "gum" which Shemp mistook as marshmallows. The bit with the gum on their noses -- in reality, actual marshmallows, no doubt -- does not actually appear in the film, but such is the creative license of publicity stills:

Another still from "All Gummed Up"

Moe and Shemp Howard, Christine, and Larry Fine in a publicity still from 1950's STUDIO STOOPS:

Publicity still from STUDIO STOOPS (1950)

(Courtesy of Bill Cappello)

Christine, in her first incarnation as the western heroine "Nell," sighs as "Badlands Blackie" (B Western villain, and occasional Stooge foil, Dick Curtis) tries to slip a wedding band on her finger in this publicity still for THREE TROUBLEDOERS (1946):

Christine as Nell and Dick Curtis as Badlands Blackie in 1946's THREE TROUBLEDOERS

Larry Fine, Christine, Curly and Moe Howard, in a publicity still from IDLE ROOMERS (1944), her very first screen appearance with the Stooges. Christine plays pretty "Mrs. Leander" whose husband (played by Vernon Dent, not pictured) sneaks "Lupe the Wolf Man" (played by Duke York, also not pictured) into the hotel where the Stooges are employed as bellmen. For Christine, it is a quiet, nondescript debut with the Stooges that will develop quickly into a memorable association:

Larry Fine, Christine, Curly and Moe Howard in a publicity still for 1944's IDLE ROOMERS

From L to R, Christine, Shemp and Moe Howard, and Larry Fine in a publicity still from CRIME ON THEIR HANDS (1948). Christine plays henchwoman "Bea" who mistakes the three reporters for cops...she sits by and has to watch as Shemp swallows the Punjab Diamond:

Christine, Shemp and Moe Howard, and Larry Fine in publicity still for 1948's CRIME ON THEIR HANDS

Here are, from L to R, Florence Auer, future-Stooge Joe DeRita, and Christine in a publicity still for the Columbia short SLAPPILY MARRIED (1946). Once again, Christine is cast as the pretty neighbor who gets an innocent husband (in this case Joe) into trouble just by association:

Florence Auer, Joe DeRita, and Christine in publicity shot for 1946's SLAPPILY MARRIED

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