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Christine McIntyre

An alphabetical list of folks who have supplied graphics and/or content & assistance to this site, helping to preserve the details of Christine McIntyre's life and career:

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* = latest addition to the list

Detail from publicity shot of Christine in 1944's SLAPPILY MARRIED

Les Adams

Chuck Anderson

* Susan McIntyre B.

Nick Bougas

Bill Cappello

Kari Cook

Gary Deeb

Edward F. Durbeck III

Bruce Hershenson

Greg Hilbrich

Jill Howard

Sandie Howard

Terry King

Larry Kozak

Pat LaRosa

Gary Lassin

Monica Leeson

Boyd Magers

Richard Marsh

Aubrey Menezes

Joseph Mondragon

Scott Moseley

Nancy Pro

Tony Pro

*Jill R.

Michael Rodwell

Victor S.

Doug Sarnecky

Brent Seguine

Burt "Shawbeach" Shaw

Bryan Shilander

Saxon Emil Sitka

Hans Wollstein

Valerie Yaros

Evona York

Cliff Zellman

Todd Zimmerman

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