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Christine McIntyre
More One-Sheets, Lobby Cards, Etc...

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Western hero Jim Bannon (playing "himself") and Christine as "Spangles Calhoun" in a publicity still from the 1951 Whip Wilson western WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE:

Jim Bannon and Christine in a publicity still from 1951's WANTED:  DEAD OR ALIVE

(Courtesy of Les Adams)

This title card is from the Columbia short HIS HOTEL SWEET (1944) and features film comedian Hugh Herbert and Christine. In the background, that appears to be comedic film actor Jack Norton (with a scimitar?) on the left, about to attack Hugh. Christine made this short, produced by Hugh McCollum, just before her Stooges debut in IDLE ROOMERS:

Hugh Herbert and Christine in a title card for 1944's HIS HOTEL SWEET

(Courtesy of Monica Leeson)

This is a publicity still, supplied by Pat LaRosa, of Christine and Moe Howard in VAGABOND LOAFERS (1949) [thanks to Brent Seguine for ID'ing that title] in which she plays "Ethel" -- this Stooge short which featured Shemp Howard (not pictured) was a sort of remake of the Curly Howard Stooge short A-PLUMBING WE WILL GO (1940):

Christine and Moe Howard in publicity still for 1949's VAGABOND LOAFERS

(Courtesy of Pat LaRosa, http://www.oldb-movies.com)

In this movie theater window insert for NEWS HOUNDS (1947), one of Christine's few non-western features, are Leo Gorcey, character actor Anthony Caruso, Christine, and Huntz Hall. At the bottom of the insert are Nita Bieber and Gorcey:

In this lobby card for WEST OF THE RIO GRANDE (1944) are, from L to R, Dennis Moore, Christine, Raymond Hatton, and Johnny Mack Brown (whom Christine described as one of the nicest gentlemen she ever worked with in movies). In the background are Hal Price and, peering over Johnny Mack Brown's hat, Steve Clark:

Dennis Moore, Christine, Raymond Hatton, and Johnny Mack Brown in a lobby card for 1944's WEST OF THE RIO GRANDE

Christine gets the drop on star Fred Scott (billed here as the "Silvery Voiced Baritone") with the help of Syd Chatain in this title card for THE RANGERS ROUND-UP (1938); this movie has the distinction of having been an experiment in producing by famous film comedian Stan Laurel. The part of "Mary" in this B Western was Christine's third (and first large) movie role. She does a bit of singing in this one:

Christine, Fred Scott, and Carl Mathews in a title card for 1938's RANGERS ROUND-UP

(Courtesy of Les Adams)

Christine as "Mary Harkins" and Robert Lowery (who would someday become the screen's second Batman in the now campy cult favorite 1949 serial BATMAN AND ROBIN) as fellow homesteader (and her love interest) "Terry Wallace" in this publicity still for 1942's DAWN ON THE GREAT DIVIDE (you can watch this entire western feature on your own pc, for free, by visiting my Filmography page and looking for the link). Christine and Bob provide a very haunting moment in this movie with their almost surreal duet of "Beautiful Dreamer" sung in moonlight:

Christine and Robert Lowery in a publicity still for DAWN ON THE GREAT DIVIDE (1942)

(Courtesy of Les Adams)

In this publicity still for DAWN ON THE GREAT DIVIDE (1942) are, from L to R, Maude Eburne, Christine, Robert Lowery, and Buck Jones (who rode the first horse in the movies to be named "Silver"). This was Jones' last film before his tragic death:

Maude Eburne, Christine, Robert Lowery, and Buck Jones in publicity still for 1942's DAWN ON THE GREAT DIVIDE

(Courtesy of Les Adams)


Read about Buck Jones' controversial death in the Cocoanut Grove Fire:

Chuck Anderson's great website, The Old Corral


A title card for the 1943 Dave "Tex" O'Brien Western BORDER BUCKEROOS (one in the "Texas Rangers" series). Please note that Christine is, in fact, the brunette pictured -- she plays the neice of a slaughtered rancher (the blonde lady is actress Eleanor Counts, playing Christine's friend, travelling west with her). Christine appeared several times with Dave O'Brien (who would go on one day to become Red Skelton's Head Writer!)...some of you may remember the kiss he stole from her on that dark front porch in THE GUNMAN FROM BODIE:

Title card for 1943 Dave O'Brien B Western BORDER BUCKAROOS which co-starred Christine.

(Courtesy of Les Adams)

In this publicity still from the Whip Wilson western WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE (1951), Christine, as "Spangles Calhoun," listens warily as the murdering "Taggart" (played by Leonard Penn) attempts to sweet-talk her:

Christine and Leonard Penn in publicity still for 1951's WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE

(Courtesy of Les Adams)

Christine and former silent screen star Harry Langdon are seen in this lobby card advertising one of Langdon's "talkie" efforts, the two-reel comedy MOPEY DOPE (1944). In this plot, Harry, drunk, comes home to the wrong house and Christine is the gorgeous neighbor lady with the jealous husband. The familiar Columbia shorts production team of Hugh McCollum, Del Lord, and Elwood Ullman originally put this now rarely seen film onto the screen for the first time:

Christine and Harry Langdon in a lobby card for 1944's short MOPEY DOPE

This is one of those publicity shots that has nothing whatsoever to do with the film (BRIDELESS GROOM, 1947) for which it was shot, and it is a good example of how players would just cut-up out of boredom the day the studio photog showed up. In the shot are, L to R, Larry Fine, Nancy Saunders, Christine (who was never even in a scene with Ms. Saunders), and Moe and Shemp Howard. The gag here is that Moe thinks he looks like the photo of Glenn Ford that the ladies are holding, and the others are incredulous (this idea, also, was nowhere to be seen in the plot of the film):

Publicity still for 1948's BRIDELESS GROOM

Another in the "cut-up" variety of publicity stills, L to R, Moe Howard, Christine, Larry Fine. On the set of CRIME ON THEIR HANDS, Moe and Larry are making fake moustaches to amuse Christine. It must have been deadly boring that day, waiting for the photog to change film, etc... Moe is making his moustache out of what I'm guessing is his own necktie. Larry's is...I don't know, the strap of Christine's purse? You tell me. I love this picture, though...it really brings out the reality of these players being actual people working at actual jobs (what's that?...you say YOU don't make fake moustaches at YOUR job?...you should start...):

Publicity still for 1948's CRIME ON THEIR HANDS

This publicity still from SQUAREHEADS OF THE ROUND TABLE (1948) was used for the graphic on the one-sheet (of the same film) provided by Burt Shaw on the first "One-Sheets..." page. In this original version, however, you can see that the background has not been cropped out. Making the all-for-one joined hands gesture with "Princess Elaine" (Christine), a la the Three Musketeers, are, L to R, Larry Fine, Moe Howard, and Shemp Howard, all decked out in Columbia Wardrobe Department armor:

A publicity still for 1948's SQUAREHEADS OF THE ROUND TABLE

Christine Photo-Ads, P.3

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