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Portraits and Headshots

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L to R, we see Christine as "Alice" and character actor Sam Flint as her father "Mr. Andrews" in this double portrait for 1945's MICRO-PHONIES. Sam appeared in over 200 films, usually playing bankers and other dignified types:

(Courtesy of Monica Leeson)

A wardrobe portrait for 1946's THE THREE TROUBLEDOERS. Christine, no stranger to westerns and cowgirl garb, marks her first incarnation as "Nell" here in this Columbia short directed by Ed Bernds:

(Courtesy of Monica Leeson)

Here's a serious portrait of Christine, from an as yet unidentified project...right now [10/7/2001], this site's panel of experts seems to think that 1951's GASOLINE ALLEY (directed by Ed Bernds at Columbia and based on the popular comic strip) is a good, educated guess:

(Courtesy of Bill Cappello)

The following headshot of Christine was clipped from an old periodical by a fan of this site. Les Adams writes of it, "I've seen this photo a few times in various places over the years and think it is one that was part of her 'package' with the studio and casting directories...was also used in a circa 1952 special issue fan mag called Who's Who in Hollywood (or similar) that had a small picture of a player with a thumbnail bio beside it. Each page had a dozen or so crammed on it. CM was in a section toward the back -- supporting players or similar." Bill Cappello adds: "...it is the same one she autographed to me. The one I have is a 5x7 photo, and she enclosed a note with the photo telling me she had a larger one if I wanted it. I never did ask her for the larger one!" [UPDATE 9/16/2001 -- you can see the nicer, signed version of this photo (to which Bill Cappello referred) illustrating the article he wrote about his search for Christine...the link to it can be found on the Biography Page]:

We're not certain which film this headshot, donated by Christine McIntyre aficionado Monica Leeson, is from (the fabulous Mrs. Leeson promises to dig through her files for an answer -- she thinks it is from the 1947 Bowery Boys movie NEWS HOUNDS). In the mean time, does anyone else out there recognize the source of this photo? [UPDATE 3/23/2002 -- Mrs. Leeson weighs in that this headshot is NOT from NEWS HOUNDS but from the Andy Clyde short TWO JILLS AND A JACK also produced in 1947... as it turns out, I recently got my hands on a copy of TWO JILLS AND A JACK's 1953 remake, OH SAY CAN YOU SUE, and I see that this costume also appears in the reused footage]:

(Courtesy of Monica Leeson)

L to R, Rebel Randall, Shemp Howard, and Christine in this fine triple headshot for the 1946 Shemp short SOCIETY MUGS:

(Courtesy of Monica Leeson)

A headshot of Christine during the filming of 1945's MICRO-PHONIES:

Gary Lassin dontated the following headshot (which has the appearance of a costume study) and, though he doesn't know the film for which it was taken, he does furnish the following information on it: The print is marked "Production #4047" (which is neither a Stooges nor a Shemp number); the back is date-stamped Nov.2, 1945 -- so it's probably a film that was released in very late 1945 or early 1946. So, using those clues, I will go through the filmography and try to narrow it down...since I can't identify it either (I recently got my hands on some rare Christine two-reelers, but this particular outfit of hers does not appear in any of those). In the meantime, if anyone out there recognizes the costume she is wearing as being from a certain film, please drop me a line. [UPDATE 3/10/2001: I had narrowed the shorts down to three suspects... 1) THE BLONDE STAYED ON (released 1/24/1946) with Andy Clyde, 2) WHEN THE WIFE'S AWAY (released 1/2/1946) with Hugh Herbert, and 3) GET ALONG LITTLE ZOMBIE (released 4/9/1946) also with Hugh Herbert. According to Greg Hilbrich, a collector of non-Stooge Columbia shorts, who owns both THE BLONDE STAYED ON and GET ALONG LITTLE ZOMBIE, Christine wears the dress in question in neither of those. So I am going to very hesitantly declare that the following headshot is probably from WHEN THE WIFE'S AWAY...and I will happily delete all of the above once we find out for sure. Have a nice day.]:
(Courtesy of Gary Lassin)

Here are two Christine headshots from a couple Columbia two-reelers she made with Shemp Howard [and much thanks to Gary Lassin for the positive ID's on the film titles]. The top shot of her (in a dress and with her hair down in back) is from 1946's JIGGERS, MY WIFE. The bottom shot is from 1947's BRIDE AND GLOOM (an interesting happenstance here is that Gary emailed me about this pic only hours after I had watched BRIDE AND GLOOM for the first time...how's that for a coincidence?) showing her in a pajama outfit with one of those matching robe thingies that ladies wore a lot of in the 1940's...Christine -- as "Maisy" -- is wearing the pajamas in bed as she listens to her prize-fighter husband, played by Dick Curtis, on the radio. She puts on the robe thingie when she gets up to make him some supper:

(Courtesy of Monica Leeson)

SQUAREHEADS OF THE ROUNDTABLE (1948) headshot of Christine taken as a costume study by the Columbia Wardrobe Department:
(Courtesy of Monica Leeson)

Here's another Columbia Studios costume study headshot of Christine taken for the above-mentioned BRIDE AND GLOOM (1947). This was the last movie she made with a "solo" Shemp Howard (as he was in the process of rejoining a certain famous act with his brother Moe and Larry Fine). [As I have already said, I recently had the pleasure of viewing this rare short for the first time, and I am here to report that Christine wears this outfit with the smart little hat in such a short scene, that I missed it the first viewing and only spotted it the second time around.] Other films Christine made just with Shemp include OFF AGAIN, ON AGAIN (1945) and SOCIETY MUGS (1946):
(Courtesy of Monica Leeson)

Since I have received some kind inquiries, here are the details regarding the following portrait:
It is a pencil drawing of Christine McIntyre I did on 11/10/2000 with a #2 on Medium Weight White Drawing Paper, a 9"x12" sheet (from a Carolina Pad "Artist Book" put out by the Impressions company). The portrait itself is just about 4" tall [it appears here somewhat larger than it is in reality] and sits near the upper center, and slightly to the right, of the paper [it has been digitally-cropped here for "centering" purposes...if I ever decide to frame it, I will have to trim the paper a bit]. The drawing has been preserved by spraying it with Krylon's "Workable Fixatif" #1306. [The copyright notice does not appear on the original, only on the computer scan.]:

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