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Christine McIntyre
Christine McIntyre Links

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Christine McIntyre and Emil Sitka from FUELIN' AROUND

It is very difficult to imagine a Columbia Shorts Department without the presense of people like Christine McIntyre and Emil Sitka. The two of them were mainstays in those two-reelers and not only ended up onscreen together often, but they were great friends as well. Saxon Sitka, Emil's son, has been maintaining a terrific website (and related newsletter) dedicated to his father for quite some time. So if you feel you don't know anything about the man they called The Fourth Stooge, you have a treat in store:

Emil Sitka - The Fourth Stooge

Christine McIntyre headshot from early 1950's

Tony Pro's mother Nancy was best friends with Christine's younger sister Annes, whom she knew as Anne. Both Christine and Annes belonged to the same church as Nancy, and, therefore, Tony met and got to know both these McIntyre sisters when he was quite young. As a consequence, he is in possession of a unique collection of movie memorabilia, some of which he would possibly be interested in discussing with serious collectors, Stooge and otherwise. Tony works as a California-based artist -- click on this link to visit his site and to contact him:

Anthony Pro -- Fine Art


detail from lobby card for ROCK RIVER RENEGADES (1942)

Pat LaRosa is a B Movie buff, and has quite an extensive collection of graphics from that fascinating genre (some of which have been supplied very graciously to this site). Pat has just begun a new site dedicated to the B Movie, and I encourage all of you to check it out. Over the months, quite a collection of interesting and obscure B Movie facts/graphics should accumulate over there:

(Courtesy of Pat LaRosa)

Old B Movies


publicity photo detail of Christine from the Rough  Riders western "Riders of the West"

CHRISTINE McINTYRE OUT WEST!!! Visit Chuck Anderson's excellent website "The Old Corral" -- he's got a special page on Christine's work in westerns under his "Heroines/Leading Ladies" section. If you love the old B Westerns and serials from the 1930's and 1940's, you will go nuts for this site:

(Courtesy of Chuck Anderson)

The Old Corral


detail from poster for 1949 short "He's in Again"

If you're looking for great movie memorabilia (including the occasional item from a Christine McIntyre film) you really should check out eMovieposter.com run by Bruce Hershenson. He also has tons of stuff on eBay that is well worth your while!

(Courtesy of Bruce Hershenson)



Christine in mystery shot

When one thinks of Christine it is difficult not to think of Shemp Howard -- with whom she played so many hilarious scenes. Shemp's granddaughters Sandie & Jill (with the help of their cousin Cliff Zellman) have put together a marvelous website in loving memory of their grandfather. I encourage everyone to visit it because you will see a side of Shemp you never thought you would. There's a lot of love at ShempCompany.com...

(Courtesy of Jill Howard and Sandie Howard)



detail of pub photo with Christine as "Princess Elaine" in 1948's "Squareheads of the Round Table"

Burt "Shawbeach" Shaw is a Stooge-A-Phreinic in Florida...and he loves all things Stooges. He has also contributed some wonderful Christine graphics to this site. Check out his link and get a "peek inside his head" -- and also get a peek at his eBay auctions! And if you have a piece of Stooge memorabilia you'd like to get rid of, he's your man:

(Courtesty of Burt Shaw)



Nita Bieber on cover of Life

Kari Cook provided the scan of Nita Bieber (on the cover of Life) for the comparison to the NEWS HOUNDS one-sheet on the "Christine Photo-Ads, P.1" page. Kari's website "Gibson's Books" is the place to "re-find" a cherished literary keepsake, so please check out her print collectibles link (by the way, she loves movies!):

(Courtesy of Kari Cook)

Gibson's Books


Christine in detail from publicity shot for 1948's CRIME ON THEIR HANDS

Read my mini biography of Christine on the IMDb site:

Mini-Bio of Christine on IMDb

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